The Five W's of the DDIP Fitness Boot Camp

WHO is the DDIP FITNESS Boot Camp for?

Everyone! Dr. Drill has been teaching a version of his exercise boot camp program for more than a decade. Though the early versions were conducted in the traditional gym setting, to an audience of fitness buffs, he has since branched out significantly, to leading both adult and child classes, sessions in senior centers, daycare centers, scholastic and industrial settings...the list goes on. Bottom line: regardless of age and fitness level, given our philosophy of, "what you put in, you get out" most everyone can find a place on this boot camp team. We have a way of making people feel like they CAN in DDIP, in stark contrast to the often intimidating gym setting, in which people are sometimes reluctant to engage. Of course, with safety in mind, we conduct a basic health history review and a focused exam before each participant steps into formation. We also encourage the individual to reach out to their family physician, to discuss the implications of their participation in such a rigorous exercise program.


WHAT is the DDIP Fitness Boot Camp?

DDIP = Dr. Drill Instructor Program. PhillyFIT's Hottest Workout, 3X! The course is a doctor-supervised and military-inspired lifestyle change boot camp designed to meet the needs of the masses. The mission of DDIP is to discipline, motivate, educate and exercise the “recruit” to an optimal state of health and we will stop at nothing to accomplish the same.

DDIP is not merely an exercise class or weight loss program. It is a great workout and glaring physical transformations happen all the time, but additional benefits abound, to include a positive mental outlook, enhanced self-confidence, overcoming fear and obstacles which previously stalled your progress. If you work hard, you will earn the respect of your peers and the
DDIP Instructors, and on your journey you will make a ton of new friends.


WHEN and WHERE does DDIP take place?

DDIP runs five eight-week fitness boot camps per year, each with a two week break in between. We conduct morning, evening and weekend programs at a mean exercise frequency of three times weekly. We currently operate multiple boot camp locations throughout Montgomery County:


WHY train using DDIP?

Because health is wealth! In short order, DDIP will leave you feeling both mentally and physically resilient and optimistic about the world in which you live. The exercise boot camp program is a means for you to fight back against any situation that you find yourself in. If you can make it through all the rigorousness that we throw at you, life's challenges and hard times will seem that much easier to negotiate.


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